Terms & Conditions

1. Minimum Order Value

1.1   A minimum order of £1,200 on value of kitchen units (including handles, cornice, pelmet, plinths and similarly associated products) is required in order to qualify for promotional discounts.

1.2   Minimum order values will not include kitchen appliances, sinks, taps, worktops and fitting charges unless otherwise stated.

2. Deposits

2.1   A minimum deposit of £500.00 will be payable on all full kitchen orders.

2.2   Kitchen Creations (Leicester) Ltd observes a statutory 7 day cooling off period for all orders placed at customer’s premises.

3. Payment of Outstanding Balances.

3.1   Outstanding balance payments must be paid upon delivery of goods to customer’s property.

3.2   All goods remain the property of Kitchen Creations (Leicester) Ltd until such a time that those outstanding balances have been settled.

3.3   Balance amounts held back for items delayed or otherwise not delivered may be permitted but must reflect the value of those goods not delivered.

4. Delivery of Goods

4.1   Delivery of goods for all full kitchens will usually take place at least three days prior to the commencement of installation (usually the first working day of any given week)

4.2   Certain large items may be held back in our warehouse if it is decided that they might cause an obstruction to either the customer or kitchen fitters or if room is not available in which to store them. However, our policy of balance upon delivery for all goods, including those held back, will still apply.

4.3   Customers are required to be at the delivery address to accept deliveries during normal working hours unless other access arrangements have been made and Kitchen Creations (Leicester) Ltd. have been notified.

5. Laminate Worktop Joints

5.1   All our laminate worktop joints are sealed using industry standard techniques and materials.

5.2   However, all laminate worktop joints will remain susceptible to moisture ingression that may be caused by localised damp or excessive contact with moisture or sitting water.

5.3   All due care must be taken by customer to avoid moisture ingress by ensuring all moisture on and around worktop joints is wiped dry and that kettles are not placed directly over joints.

5.4   If customer’s experience issues with expanding worktop joints where it can be determined that the aforementioned care and attention has not been paid, Kitchen Creations (Leicester) Ltd. may deny any responsibility for replacements and product guarantees may become invalid.